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Meet Jim Qualey

Jim Qualey is a 22-year resident of Rindge and is currently a State Representative for Cheshire District 11 (Rindge & Fitzwilliam). As a member of the NH House Election Law Committee he has consistently worked to maintain and enhance the integrity of New Hampshire elections.  In the upcoming 2022 election, he is running for re-election to the NH House of Representatives in Cheshire District 18 consisting of Dublin, Jaffrey, and Rindge.


His record of community involvement includes a term as a Rindge Selectman (2016 - 2019, including 1 ½ years as Chairman), serving as an alternate Library Trustee for 10 years, membership on the SAU-47 Budget Advisory Committee, and volunteering as a helper with Rindge’s Memorial Day observances and other town events. During his tenure as a Selectman he served as the Selectmen’s representative on the Capital Improvement Program, TelTech, Budget Advisory, and Recreation Committees.  He is also the Chair of the Rindge Jaffrey Fitzwilliam Republican Committee (since 2019).


His professional experience includes many years working as an engineer in civilian and defense-related R&D and 6 months teaching physics as a visiting professor at Daniel Webster College. His formal education includes a Ph.D. in Physics from Penn State.



(603) 562-8951


18 Meadow View Rd
Rindge, NH 03461