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Jim Qualey

"Live Free or Die"

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Live Free or Die

For the last two years I have been honored to represent the interests and values of the people of our area as a State Representative.  I have dedicated myself to keeping New Hampshire affordable, protecting our rights, and ensuring that our state government stays within its constitutional bounds. 

Due to the recent redistricting process, I will be running for re-election in Cheshire District 18 which consists of Rindge, Jaffrey, and Dublin.  I will continue to adamantly support the rights of parents to exercise their responsibility for raising their children, educational freedom, and the protection of innocent lives. I will never support the imposition of New Hampshire state income or sales taxes or any infringement upon our rights including, most particularly, our 1st and 2nd Amendment rights. 

In short, I will continue to work hard to ensure that New Hampshire remains the “Live Free or Die” state.


(603) 562-8951


18 Meadow View Rd
Rindge, NH 03461